Hip Hop artist and world champion in the Red Bull Batalla de Gallos, was immersed in his new full-length work "Edición Limitada" (Limited Edition) joining forces with aiSHO, in charge of the musical production from Ponlo Alto Music. The project lacked of visual concept, and we are transmitted the austerity but forcefulness that they wanted to print in the cover. On the other hand, the title of the disc speaks for itself; of the long career of MC and producer, and his veteran in Hip Hop culture.
At Baboon Graphics we gave concept and design the CD cover and inlays, and to the visuals that we developed for two of the tracks contained in the disc; Barcelona'92 and Monos con Ballestas.

aISHO y Noult "Barcelona'92" (con Demo y Chester)

aISHO y Noult "Monos Con Ballestas" (con Marco Skinny)

  • Client PAM Music
  • By Baboon Graphics
  • Date June de 2015
  • Project Graphic, packaging & vídeo
  • Social Media
"Edición Limitada" in Spotify

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