La Castanya's Placemats

La Castanya's Placemates

Another project for the guys from La Castanya of BarnaWood Entretenimiento, in which they gave us all creative freedom. In this case to develop their placemats.
Far from offering them something classic and corporate, we thought of a series according to the image of the restaurant, that were able to illustrate, entertain and make more enjoyable the wait for their fabulous tapas.
The first emphasizing one of its star products, the sardine and another revealing the properties of their Iberian Secret. The one that puts in the map the denominations of origin of their wine menu, the one that described the virtues of the KM0 and Slow Food kitchen and, the last for the kids; where we illustrated a series of games.
We also developed their corporate image and their Croquetón, their menu cards or different sessions of product photography. Bon Appetite!

  • Client BarnaWood
  • By Baboon Graphics
  • Date December de 2017
  • Project Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Social Media

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